Apple: Stop supporting China's crackdown on freedom


Apple has long been seen as a leader in providing access to the internet and as a champion of privacy and security.

Yet since 2017, Apple has denied people living under China’s rule access to a free and open internet by removing over 1,000 “virtual private networks” (VPNs) from their App Store in China at the request of the Chinese Government.

VPNs provide critical, safe communication channels for Tibetans, Uyghurs and Chinese dissidents and human rights defenders.

In October 2019, Apple removed; a crowdsourcing app being used Hong Kong residents, journalists and tourists to see where protests and police build-up are happening to allow areas to be avoided and to stay safe.

As consumers, concerned citizens, and members of communities in the direct line of fire, we demand Apple to drop China’s censorship act and commit to upholding human dignity and political freedom.

China’s government is engaged in an unprecedented and escalating attacks on human rights across all areas under its rule; backing the violent repression of protesters in Hong Kong, detaining at least one million Uyghur muslims in concentration camps in East Turkestan (Chinese: Xinjiang) and engaging in widespread human rights violations in Tibet.

Stop Apple Censorship Online!

Apple! Stop blocking VPNs in China and uphold freedom of expression

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Apple shareholders set to vote on human-rights policies

Source: BBC

Apple shareholders are set to vote on whether Apple should change its human-rights policies. They will be asked whether they want Apple to make a commitment to respect freedom of expression.

Apple removed a mapping app during the Hong Kong protests, leading to criticism that it pandered to Beijing.

Apple’s China Nightmare Just Got Even Worse

Source: Forbes

Apple has found itself in a PR nightmare in recent days, with the tech giant’s troubled relationship with China thrust into an unwelcoming media spotlight.

Apple accedes to China’s despotic demands

Source: Washington Post

APPLE CHIEF EXECUTIVE Tim Cook has said that “companies should have values, just like people do.” He’s right. But it is difficult to champion democratic values while doing business in a country that runs on speech-stifling authoritarianism.

Tim Cook defends Apple’s removal of Hong Kong mapping app

Source: The Guardian

Apple chief said in a letter was ‘used maliciously to target’ officers as claim was disputed by protesters on the ground.

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